Sewer Camera Inspections

Inspecting sewer lines for blockages

If the cause of your sewer line backup is not properly identified before attempting to clear the line it can be ineffective or cause further damage. Under Pressure is able to deploy our sewer camera into the line and inspect for the cause of the blockage and determine if there is any damage to the line. 

As the camera is sent down the line, it is equipped with a meter counter and a locating tool that picks up a signal from a probe which is located at the head of the camera to give a location and depth of where the camera and the problem in the line exists.

By using tools such as our sewer camera Under Pressure is able to provide you with a specified solution to your sewer line issues.

We can put a video on a USB stick for the customer at the time we are there, or the customer can download an app and watch in real-time while we are there doing the camera work. 

With the USB you can keep the footage for future use or for insurance claims.

Home sewer line inspections

Having a sewer line inspection done prior to purchasing a new home is vital. 

The sewer line inspection can show the structural integrity of the pipe, dips/sags in the pipe, and confirm there is no tree root intrusion or grease build-up in the sewer line which could potentially cause sewer backups after purchasing your new home.

A sewer line inspection is just as important as your home inspection. Call Under Pressure to book your sewer line home inspection. 

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