Why is there water coming up in my floor drain when I do laundry?

It is quite possible that the main sewer line leaving your house that connects to your septic tank or the city/town main has a blockage. We are able to use our sewer camera to see what the cause of the blockage is and then we can flush the line. That way the water will flow in the direction it needs to, and not come up your floor drain.

Why does my sink have an odour/smell?

It could be there is a build up of grease or organic material on the side walls of the line or trapped under your sink. Unfortunately, if it is left to sit it can make quite a bad smell and the build up could cause further damage to your lines.​​​​​​​

We can flush under your sink with our jetter to remove any organic build up. After, we recommend a natural enzyme to eliminate waste that is built up in the line causing the odour.

Why is my toilet not flushing or gurgling?

It could be a blockage in the toilet. If plunging does not help it’s possible you either have a blockage under the house between the toilet and line leaving the house or in the main line leaving the house. If the water is not able to pass through the sewer line freely it could cause the toilet not to flush and gurgle too.

We are able to use our sewer camera to determine if and where there is a blockage and then we use our jetter to clear the line.

Could I have tree roots in my sewer?

It is very possible for tree roots to make their way into your sewer line. Roots systems can be quite dense and sometimes pipes cannot hold against them. We are able to pressure jet the line, removing the roots from causing any further blockages or damage to your sewer. We can also apply a herbicide that would kill off any remaining and nearby roots.

Is there any product to use that is non-toxic to use in my drains?

We carry a natural enzyme product that eliminates organic matter that builds up in drains, sewer lines, septic tanks and field drainage systems that you can administer easily yourself.

Can we thaw frozen water/sewer lines?

We can! At Under Pressure, we offer sewer and culvert thawing services. Our jetter can be equipped with a boiler which produces water hot enough to thaw sewer lines and culverts too.

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